Carbon Flip Policy

In 2007 PUL introduced the Carbon Flip (CF), a measure designed to replace the traditional pre-game ip to determine which team pulls and which receives in an effort to reduce the carbon-related impact of league play. Ostensibly, the Carbon Flip intended to encourage more car-pooling and cycling to games, but it is also a way to keep environmental issues top of mind, and provide a tangible example to our community of how green priorities can easily complement regular activities.

The CF has gone through a number of iterations since it was introduced, but has now settled on calculating the percentage of passengers/cyclists/ walkers divided by the number of rostered players to determine the winner. Standings are tracked throughout the season and the winner in the standings is rewarded handsomely for each night. As well, the Carbon Flip is used to determine any tiebreakers in the standings, so we’ve given it some heft as well.

The benefits of winning the flip may be modest within the game itself, but in addition to the possibility of winning the Carbon Flip standings at the end of the season, the social implications of increased carpooling and cycling convoys have only served to strengthen the camaraderie within the league.