Captains’ Roles & Duties

Captains of PUL teams are considered the representative of the squad and the first point of contact for league coordinators, the PUL Board of Directors and committee members. In this role captains are expected to:

  • Be the administrative leader who is responsible for team organization, timely fee payment, and all elements of team communication
  • Bring pylons to set up one end zone
  • Submit the score and carbon flip result of each game in a timely fashion
  • Contact an opposing captain at least 48 hours prior to the game if your team is going to default a match; or, be in communication if weather threatens a game.
  • When required, assist with player disputes that cannot be resolved
  • Manage your players in a way that best demonstrates the Spirit of the Game

We strongly recommend that captains identify a co-captain who can capably manage all these duties when the main captain is absent.