Bad Weather Policy

Rain Policy

Rule one about rain is that if you’re destroying fields, simply DON’T PLAY. Standing water on a field is a good indication of definitely not playing. Use your discretion and take the long view – that is, we want quality fields all season long. If uncertain about the game status, it’s the responsibility of captains to contact one another to discuss it. A final call should be made by 5:00 p.m. to ensure all players know. If it’s particularly wet, the league may just make the call, which would be by 3:00 p.m. Please have a system in place to alert your players. We will not be holding make-up games this year. TUESDAYS AT FLEMING should be fine either way, but if Bridgenorth doesn’t play, we may have an issue. Then again, the ladder system may negate there being any issues.


Upon seeing lightning teams should clear the field immediately and take shelter. Teams are under NO obligation to continue play. DON’T BE PUSHY AND GUILT THE OTHER TEAM INTO PLAYING. While we’ve mentioned the 30-30 rule (wait 30 minutes and assess) in years past, I think we can simply appeal to your good sense of judgment to determine whether it’s going to pass or not. Again, please take every precaution before resuming play and do not pressure teams that are reluctant to continue, provided there is still a threat of lightning in the area.

Extreme Heat Conditions

If a humidex advisory is issued, the league coordinator will declare the following measures be instituted:

  • Games start at 7:15
  • Game goes to 13