Alcohol Policy

Due to recent changes by the City of Peterborough*, PUL will no longer turn a blind eye to the recreational consumption of alcohol after games. We will now be enforcing a zero-tolerance policy. This means no alcohol or drugs will be tolerated, before, during or after a game. Failure to comply may result in player/team disciplinary actions.

*On August 12, 2019, City Council enacted By-Law 19-074, being a By-Law to promote responsible, shared use and enjoyment of parks and related facilities. Section 12(c) of the By-Law specifically prohibits the possession of any alcoholic beverage, unless a permit has been issued by the City to allow it. Permits issued to sport leagues for league and tournament play do not include a provision to allow the consumption of alcohol by its participants. 

By-Law 19-074 delegates authority to City Staff to do what is appropriate in the administration of the By-Law, including suspending and revoking permits for use of City Facilities, such as sport fields. In addition to leagues having their permits suspended or revoked, individuals contravening the By-Law are guilty of an offense and upon conviction are liable for a fine of no less than $200 and no more than $10,000 for each day or part of a day on which the offense commences or continues. 

City Staff are now obligated to monitor activities by sport leagues throughout the season, and to take the required action to enforce the By-Law. It is imperative that league organizers be made aware of this and exercise due diligence in ensuring their participants are informed that consumption of alcohol is prohibited at the park, and to make every effort to prevent their participants from engaging in such behavior.