About Zuluru

As of 2015, PUL has introduced Zuluru, a league management system that intends to simplify the process of running the week-to-week scheduling and standings updates. Admittedly not the most bedazzling platform from a design standpoint, Zuluru does simplify a number of tasks for the league and we suspect players will recognize how much easier it can be to sign up for different leagues and tournaments as time goes on. Once you have registered with the system you no longer have to worry about continually signing up and submitting the same information ad nauseum from season to season.

As with any software, the best thing you can do to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of Zuluru is to muck about with it and check out its features. Captains have a bit more capacity to do things, too.

It should be pointed out that all PUL players must be registered with Zuluru in order to be considered part of the league. Registration on this will constitute whether a player has insurance coverage.