Harvest 2020…wait, what?

Harvest/Pax 6 2020

To the rest of the ultimate world, Harvest 2020 was unfortunately postponed. Leave it to the defending 2019 Champs, Pax 6 to come up with some fun and creative ways to keep Harvest in their hearts.

Harvest 2020: v.Pax6 was held.
New venue: Ottawa (don’t worry, it won’t stay there.)
Weather: Perfect, by tradition. (It was a glorious weekend)
New TDs: Laura Chambers Davidson and Justine Price (Was vacant…want to continue…;) )
Blessed, in person, by The Godfather, CamTaylor (But of course he was!)
Teams: Pax Six: Mendoza Line, Cam and Suzanne, Kyle Hunter (keeping in Covid number limit). No RV this year.


1. Due to win last year, everyone had a bye first round, so games started at 1pm, very civilized. Several games of Covid Friendly team frisbee, involving knocking down cones,running, shenanigans, rules, and therefore discussion, oohs, aahs. Mark Mc unable to attend so we had to make do with last years t-shirts and were the Mendoza Line for a second year. As Kyle Hunter arrived, he sighed as he saw “all those yellow shirts that beat us in finals last year”, second sigh.

Finals: Pax Six Yellow, Mendoza Line vs. Pax Six various dark shirts.      
Winners: Pax Six yellow, The Mendoza Line

2. MTA with the usual line of cheering sideline plus a family stopped to watch and the kids jumped up and down and cheered. Egos were inflated, hearts were broken, a roller coaster of emotion and drama. Cam Taylor assumed his traditional sideline spot sprawled on the grass, heckled and waxed philosophic by turns. Nothing changes.     

1st: Al Colantonio 8:19     
2nd and defending 2019 champion Chris Keates 7:50     
3rd Kyle Hunter 7:36

Challenge: Can any PUL player beat the posted MTA?

3. The Harvest Meal: Soup and bread and wine, bring your own due to Covid so lots of soup being made all over town in the morning. Stacey and LP brought the traditional pickled beets and pickles. (Mmmm, soup…bread…pickled yumminess)

Sitting Around Eating Soup

4. Braggarts bushel awarded, consisted of the entirety of my garden harvest for the year: two tomatoes. (You win for being most-spirited player, hands down!)

5. Sitting in lawn chairs and playing lawn games as the sun went down, in sweats and hoodies with wine, and G & Ts.

6. MVP awarded. By unanimous acclaim, 2020 MVP was once again Andrew Carroll. As in 2019, awarded for not showing up and giving everyone else a shot. Bravo, sir, well played.

7. Lost and found, posted and claimed. (That’s an impressive feat, no doubt.)

Still the best tournament. Thanks, PUL, we miss you obviously.
Till next year, y’all.
Justine Price and Laura Chambers Davidson, Pax Six

And thanks to Justine and Laura for putting smiles on all our faces.

The Godfather
Cam and Susanne
Laura Chambers-Davidson

It’s a Wrap

8-week Rule Challenge

Today ends our 8-week Rule Challenge. Greyhounds, from Thursday night is our team winner by a landslide. Congratulations. (And no, they do not win All the Marbles away from Big Rats (formerly known as AWN)). But they do win the $100 towards a team get together when they choose to do so. (If it is during the Covid-19 times, please be responsible and physically distance with one another. And wear your masks if indoors.)

Winner of PUL swag this week is none other than our Summer Thursday League Coordinator Tara MacLeod.

Thanks to Rich Haight who kept us honest when there were some discrepancies with an answer. Like this week with the question:

The pull goes out-of-bounds in the air (without touching the ground first) at the 10-yard line where do you take it? George had tweaked the question so it read better, but missed the slight ambiguity that left for the answers. We made some slight adjustments to the wording of the answers. Should the above happen you can take the disc: to the first brick mark; at the centre of the 10-yard line; or at the spot on the playing field nearest to where it first crossed the perimeter line to become out-of-bounds.

I’d also like to give a shout out to Aaron Rutter, Brett Carl, Jon Grimwood, and Justin Chan who did ALL the quizzes. That’s dedication. Also to Ben Woolf, Buddy Lapierre, Rebecca Clements, and Todd Melville who did 7 of the 8 challenges.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the team member from Cobra who answered as Snake Eyes, Willy Billy and Irene P. Freely. You gave me a chuckle with your fun imagination.

Thanks PUL for playing along. Hopefully you’ll remember all the intricacies of the rules when we get back on a field.

Have a great long weekend. Have fun, but be smart and safe.

Week #7 Results

8-week Rule Challenge
Team Week #6 Week #7 Total
GreyHounds 10 7 69
Floppy Discs 5 3 30
Purple Haze 2 3 24
Taco Tuesday 1 4 21
Cobra 4 21
Riverside Scorpions 6 18
Mettle 2 1 15
Wednesday 1 13

We had a few more folks fill out the survey this week. The average score was 8/10. Most of you seem to know your fouls.

Greyhounds appear to be unbeatable!

Our PUL swag winner this week is Becca Clements from Taco Tuesday. Congratulations on winning some PUL swag.

So, this is it. The last week of the Rule Challenge. The topic is Picks & Pulls.

Good luck.