Rules of the Week

In keeping with the Spirit of the Game, as our league continues to grow, it is important that all players, new and old, learn and refresh themselves with the rules of the game. As such, the league is bringing back the Rule of the Week (ROTW) initiative after a 2 year hiatus.

Each week, captains will receive an email with a rule or rule primer to review and discuss with their teams. It is expected that all players will make an effort to read over the information and familiarize themselves with the rule.

A number of rule resources, including the 11th edition UPA rules (they have a useful FAQ, too) and the PUL field guides are available to all players under the RULES tab at the top of the page. Read them, use them, and if you don’t understand them, discuss them with your peers!

“Knowing the rules” means more than simply knowing a rule exists. Knowing the rules of ultimate means that a player fully understands them is able to both make calls and respond to calls effectively on the field. Each player is also a referee – a thorough understanding of the rules ensures player safety, reduces conflict on the field, minimizes interruption to play, and fosters spirit of the game and mutual respect among teams and teammates.

For the summer of 2016, Holly McEnaney is our ROTW guru. Please contact her if you have questions, or would like to see a particular rule featured here. Thank you to Chris Russell, Jamie Stewart, Cam Taylor and the many others who have worked to put together these resources.

ROTW #1 – Rule Primer – How to make a call

ROTW #2 – Rule Primer – How to respond to a call