PUL Trophies

A point of pride in our league is the unique range of trophies that are awarded to the winning teams. This started with the handcrafted PUL Paddle for the Wednesday champions, expanded to the All the Marbles Thursday ‘A’ trophy, to the ‘B’ division Bottom Feeder Cup, along with Tuesday’s The Big Weiner, care of the unmistakable Laura Storey. We’ll take the moment to mention, also, the Thursday Winter League Toboggan, Monday Winter Cross Country Skis (which captain will win both?), and note the stunning Harvest Shovel, the Glory Bowl and the unparalleled Trophysaurus from EcoDisc, which necessitates the winning captain adding some other trophy-like element to its beastly structure year after year. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in 2046.