Getting to Know PUL

Just what the sam-hell is this Ultimate Frisbee all about, you ask? Admittedly, it may seem out of place here in the stick sport capital of Canada, but don’t kid yourself – this game is catching fire here in Peterborough. And it’s only getting bigger, because yes, we’ve started to indoctrinate your children, too. Know what? They love it. And what’s not to love about a co-ed team-based game that is athletic, non-contact, thoroughly social and doesn’t involve any referees? Oh, and is incredibly affordable to play. Pair of cleats, a disc (we’re not supposed to be using the name ‘Frisbee’ ’cause Wham-O has traditionally made crappy discs), some friends, some friends-to-be and some open green space. Intrigued? Great, then read on. We’ve tried to provide an overview of what’s going on here with the Peterborough Ultimate League (PUL), but if you have any questions we encourage you to bug us. Welcome to PUL.