Membership Committee Resources

The Membership Committee is one churning heart of busy-ness for the PUL Community. It is the veritable sinew that represents the larger membership of players. It is responsible for developing and enacting policies that help PUL run smoothly both on and off the field; they will oversee contentious issues or disciplinary action; promote measures that enhance the player experience; issue, assess and present the results from an annual player survey; and, keep many other discs in the air as PUL continues to expand its presence. Representatives include league coordinators from every league as well as player representatives from each night of summer league. The committee is currently chaired by PUL board member George Kovacs.

This resource is meant as a place where players can access up-to-date information that the Membership Committee feels is relevant to the wider community. If you have any suggestions of other information that you’d like to see here, please contact committee chair, George Kovacs.

Click here to see the Membership Committee’s Terms of Reference.