Key People 2017

You may have some questions and we likely have the answers. PUL is comprised of an active membership with a lot of different initiatives happening outside of our standard league nights. Here you’ll find links to League Contacts, Tournament Directors, Board of Directors, Committee chairs, and our School Outreach facilitator.

League Contacts

If you’ve got questions about the league and how to get signed up for PUL, these people should be able to assist you:

Jocelyne Stone, PUL Operations Coordinator
Gabe Huebsch, Summer Wednesday Night Coordinator

Ryan Lowe, Summer Thursday Night Coordinator
Liz Maxwell, Summer Tuesday Night (Beginner League) Coordinator

Sam Morris, Monday Winter League Coordinator
Holly McEnaney, Thursday Winter League Coordinator

Tournament Directors (2017)

PUL has established a few tournaments that have steadily gained a great reputation over the years. Care to get involved? Please harass these people:

Don Helleman & Sarah Helleman, Harvest Tournament Directors contact


Board of Directors

This collection of silverbacks, muck-mucks, hind-leg walkers and pontificators represents some semblance of leadership for PUL. Any concerns, questions or comments about the league should be directed this way, preferably to the guy at the top of the list as he’s more liable to answer you than any of the others.

Andrea Maxie, President

Kerri Kightley, Vice-President

Andrew Smith, Treasurer and Chair, Finance Committee

George Kovacs , Director and Chair, Membership Committee

Jocelyn Blazey, Director and Chair, Juniors Committee

Brad Sawdon, Secretary

Stephanie Wood, Director and Chair, Players Development Committee

Director and Chair, Hiring Committee


With the ongoing formalization of PUL’s structure, we’ve initiated a number of committees that devise the policies and the practices that define who we are as a league. The league is always interested in attracting people who are willing to volunteer their time to certain efforts, so you should likely contact the respective chairperson to see if there are any openings coming up. Currently, we have the following committees:

Chair, Finance Committee

George Kovacs, Chair, Membership Committee

Jocelyn Blazey, Chair, Juniors Committee

Brad Sawdon, Chair, Fields Committee


School Outreach

As part of PUL’s central mandate, we aim to build the sport of Ultimate Frisbee throughout the region by generously donating equipment, teaching resources and – when possible – clinic services to schools interested in learning the game. Want to get your kids off their duffs and playing a fun, athletic, co-ed, non-contact, team-based sport? Of course you do. You should speak with:

Julia Garvey, School Outreach Coordinator