Winter Indoor Registration 2017-2018

  • Welcome to registration for our Indoor Ultimate Leagues.

    Please note that the following form is for both MONDAY and THURSDAY night play. There are two, twelve-week seasons for each night, running November-January and February-April.

    We will try to place players in the first season of their choice, with the following caveats: 1) no totally new players; 2) less experienced players are encouraged to play Monday. Players will be placed in the season of their choice, with preference first given to veteran status (if you have played before, you will be given preference for a spot on that night again).

    Cost per season will be the same as last year: $165 for Monday; $175 for Thursday (Thursday games are slightly longer). Payment to be made through Zuluru by the start of the relevant season (a 10% penalty will apply to missed payments).