Update: Most teams are full and the season is underway, but some teams may still be looking for subs. Please submit your info if you are interested in being put on a substitute list for 2017.

Free Agent? Look no further!

Looking for a team to play with this summer (2017)? You’ve come to the right place. Fill out this form if:

a) you are looking to start playing ultimate in Peterborough, or
b) you are looking to start playing on a new night you don’t currently play on.

The information you record here will be available to all three League Coordinators, Liz Maxwell (Tuesday), Gabe Huebsch (Wednesday), and Ryan Lowe (Thursday). If you have any questions about a particular night, or are trying to place an entire team, feel free to contact them directly.

Currently, Tuesday and Thursday are very near capacity, and will likely only be seeking a few players to fill out rosters. Wednesday is our growth league right now, and will likely see a greater need for players (or may create a team out of free agents if the numbers warrant it).

Don’t worry if the answers in the form don’t perfectly describe you. A League Coordinator with space will ask for further details before assigning you to a team.

So have at it!


  • Welcome to the 2017 free agents list. Only fill out this form if you are looking for a team to play on (or are looking to break into a night you don't play on now) in the Peterborough Ultimate League for summer 2017.